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About our business
Here are some of the business areas Brother Precision Ind. Co., Ltd. is involved in.

Household sewing machine parts   Apparel machinery parts
Electrical appliance parts   Machine tool parts
Office equipment parts   Automobile and motorcycle engine parts
Ship combustion engine parts   Electronic components
Entertainment machines and components   Bi-directional communication terminals
Other types of manufacturing  

Our goal is to become your best partner.

Mapping out optimum value from a global viewpoint
Proposing initial mass production VA/VE and pursue new technologies
Delivering products through a strict quality control system

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We provide total coordination between materials, machining methods, and manufacturing sites.

 We want to be the ideal coordinator for our customers. We can take responsible for everything, and not just machining. These are some of the requirements we can satisfy.
 We provide total support through the expertise of our network, which spans many diverse fields of industry. We want to be involved right from the idea phase in order to help our customers make the best decisions.

   With the diversification of market needs, precision machinery of every kind is becoming increasingly multifunctional and diverse in models. Accordingly, machining methods and production methods have also grown in complexity and number of steps. We consider these needs from the standpoint of our customers in order to propose the machining methods and production processes that are most suitable.
 Because it is also necessary to provide products with proper timing in order to succeed against fierce market competition, especially with today’s growing emphasis on outsourcing in order to make effective use of external management resources, we are able to carry out some of our customers’ operations on their behalf. We can also provide the methods that are most suited to Japan and Taiwan with regard to production location, materials, and machining methods, and in order to provide the precision required at the right cost.
 We offer comprehensive analysis and proposals related to the machining, assembly, and manufacture of all kinds of business machinery, including precision machinery. For example, we can procure materials and parts on our customers’ behalf. In other words, we can also function as a trading company. Normally, trading companies that provide materials are specialized and limited in the fields they handle, but we operate across a diverse range of fields, including ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, rubber, plastic, and ceramics. It is because we handle a wide range of machinery across diverse fields of industry that we are able to do this. Total coordination across a wide range of fields is our specialty.

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