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About our products
Our company history is inseparable from the history of Japan’s precision machining technology. We strive to be the best in order to provide machining that requires even higher levels of precision and poses greater challenges.

■We provide the precision our customers require.
 Since the founding, we have proactively met the wide-ranging needs from the apparel industry, the automotive industry, the computer industry, and other major industries that have lead Japan at one time or another.
 In the world of ultra-high-precision machining, all kinds of issues emerge as materials, machining conditions, surface treatment and heat treatment methods change. However, we overcome these challenges through the expertise developed over many years. As ultra-high-precision machining capabilities are required, a very high level of performance with regard to functional evaluation and quality control is also needed.
 Our services include all kinds of three-dimensional measurements, circularity measurements, cam profile measurements, gear measurements, and magnetic flux measurement, as well as laser measurement, microvision measurement, ultra-advanced cleanliness measurement, and more.
 Our technical capability has resulted in acquiring high levels of customer satisfaction, both in Japan and overseas.

We handle a wide range of challenges, from environmental problems related to automobiles and computers to the entertainment industry.
Engine-related parts and other parts  We machine the major components used in automobile engines, with a particular focus on cam shafts.
 We possess the expertise we’ve already developed in the industry, in which the competition is stiff and there is constant demand for both greater precision and lower costs,and try to meet demand from other industries.

[Noteworthy technologies]
 ■ Master cam manufacturing technology
 ■ Cam grinding technology
 ■ All cam manufacturing techniques, including FCD and sintering
 ■ In-house induction quenching
 ■ In-house phosphoric acid film processing
 ■ Inconel and fine ceramics processing
 ■ Use of existing equipment and handling of diverse, small-quantity production
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This is a video showing four-axis machining with a machining center and Index machine. We also perform in-house five-axis machining.

※You can download a video player free of charge from the Media Player Download Site.

●Drive system parts
Drive system parts for large vehicles

●Engine assembly parts
Aluminum product machining and assembly
Tappets for large engines

[New products]
●Long camshafts, 2 meters or more in overall length, and automatic cam measuring equipment

We’ve expanded our efforts into large camshafts.

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Computer components  Our forte is computer-related components, which require ultra-high-precision machining technology.
 Big things are expected of us in this field for which demand is only going to get more intense.

[Noteworthy technologies]
  • High-tech die-casting
  • High-precision machining-less production
  • Attempts at zero-blowhole casting
  • Use of pure-water cleaning machines
  • Comprehensive surface treatment
  • Linear actuators

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Component for Industrial machinery
 Machining and Assembly of components for Industrial machinery

[Noteworthy technologies ]
  • Punching holder unit for Brake press machine

Development products We have relocated our assembly processes to China.

[Noteworthy technologies]
  • Data terminals (multimedia stations for convenience stores): left photo, below
  • Hoppers (coin payment devices for slot machines): center photo, below
  • Stackers (bill identification devices): right photo, below
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